1995     Master of Fine Arts. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Emphasis: Art and Technology.
1992     Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design. Faculdade da Cidade, RJ, Brazil. Graphic Design major.
1987     Computer Science Associate Degree.  ORT Institute of Technology, RJ, Brazil, 1 year program.
1986     Music Baccalaureate.  Estácio de Sá University, RJ, Brazil. Emphasis: Composition. Completed 2 of the 4 years Bachelor program.

Employment History
2002-Present     Northern Arizona University, School of Communication, Flagstaff, AZ, USA. Professor of Visual Communication, with Tenure. Visual Communication Department Coordinator (2013-2015). Co-Director of the Immersive Virtual reality Lab.
1999–2002     Experience Designer consultant for Zefer Corp, Citron Haligman Bedecarré, and NEC / Niteo Partners, San Francisco, CA, USA.
1995-1999     NASA Ames Research Center: Mountain View, CA, USA. Creative director of the Educational Multimedia Research and Development Group.
1993     Candido Mendes Cultural Center: Curator and Art Director; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Curator of the International Atlantic Virtual Reality Conference, and the Atlantic Digital Paintings Exhibition.
1990-1993       Left Design: Founding Partner, animator, and designer at the design studio. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.     
1987-1990       AnimaGraph Studios: Founding Partner and animator of the animation studio. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Design Clients and Partners list
Barclay's Bank, NASA, MTV, NEC, Palm, Apple, General Motors, Hughes Aircraft, CitiBank, Sun MicroSystems, Banco Nacional (Brazil), Zefer Corp, Citron Haligman Bedecarré, among others.

Awards and Honors
2014    Teaching Innovation Award – Social and Behavioral College – Northern Arizona University.
2008    Northern Arizona University Intramural Grant: Generative Imaginary Project.
2006     Freestyle 2-3-d: Energy Gallery Award, Toronto, Canada.
2006     LACDA International “Top 40” Digital Art Competition, Los Angeles, USA.
2004     Northern Arizona University Intramural Grant: Nature Synthetic Research Project.
2002     Forbes Best of the Web award: Information Architect of the web site
1999     CD-ROM “Mars Virtual Exploration” was patented by NASA.
1998     NASA Software of the Year award, USA.
1997     Space Views Award: Website “Mars Landing Sites”.
1997     NASA Software of the Year: Creative Director of the CD-ROM “Mars VE”.
1993     Coca-Cola Cultural Grant: Solo exhibition Anatomia Virtual 2.
1992     France-Brazil Chamber of Commerce Grant: Solo exhibition Anatomia Virtual 1.
1991     Atlantic Manchete Festival: animator of the video “Zimbabue”, directed by Felipe Lacerda.
1990     Fotoptica Video Festival: animator of the video 3 Antena, by R. Berliner (Brazil).
1990     Montbelliard Festival (France); Fotoptica Video Festival; and RioCine Festival (Brazil): animator of the video “What do you think people think Brazil is?”, directed by Sandra Kogut.

2011    Chronicles of Entanglement – Illustrated fiction – author and illustrator.

Conference Presentations
2011    “Mythological Entanglement – Designing an Imaginary Universe”, paper presented at the 6th International Conference on the Arts in Society, at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Germany.
2007     “Preparing for the Real World – Student’s portfolio design and client work experiences in the Graphic Design program at Northern Arizona University” HICAH 2007 Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities: Session Chair, co-author of the presentation with Prof. Patricia Murphey.
2006     “Natura Synthetica – Syncretism in Visual Language” HICAH 2006, Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities. Paper and presentation, and web version.
1995     SIGGRAPH 95: Sketches Program – presented “Uneaten Future CD-ROM”.

2005     Brazil Week, Curator, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ. Curated and coordinated a Design interactive exhibition, an Environmental Photography Exhibition, and a Documentary Film Series, respectively, Brazil Design: New Talents, Terra Indigena Yanomami (Yanomami Territory), and Contemporary Brazilian Documentaries.
1993     Mostra Atlantic de Realidade Virtual, Curator, Candido Mendes Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Series of panels, international events, performances and exhibitions about Virtual Reality and New Media.
1993     Atlantic National Exhibition of Digital Art, Curator, Candido Mendes Cultural Center Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Daniel Langlois Archive, Montreal, Canada
Centro Cultural Itaú, São Paulo, Brazil New Museum Artbase, New York
Private Collections

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