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Visually astonishing, trippy and insightful, Chronicles of Entanglement, debuts artist/author’s Rodrigo de Toledo unique blend of illustrated fiction, graphic novel and artist’s book. He takes us into the landscapes of a poetic and graphic mythology, through intricate illustrations of a whimsical imaginary world. With magical realism, the book reveals the wandering of a seeker’s soul, the interaction between creator and muse, and tells an intimate tale of the search for beauty and identity in a foreign land, with an open, humorous, and colorful tone.
Strained in a reality that flows like a film in front of his eyes, a man struggles between childhood memories, a rich fantasy world, and what he thinks are short extra-sensorial perceptions. The eyes constantly flooded by images that leak from his agitated mind, distractions that superimpose his life’s reality. An entirely dysfunctional object, a complex kinetic contraption with a will of its own, that for many years demanded complete dedication from him, now disregards his existence. Accidentally, he stumbles on a gateway to a colorful and disturbing universe, the direct access to the unconscious realm, where he interacts with shifting panoramas of the soul. Puzzled by such a life changing vision, he is determined to discover if he has been plagued by yet a larger curse or blessed by the long waited path to sanity.
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