Solo Exhibitions
2021    The Myth of the Incomplete Self - the Psycho-Archaeological Codex. Mesa Contemporary Art Museum, Mesa, Arizona.
2019    The Myth of the Incomplete Self - Coconino Center for the Arts, Flagstaff, Arizona.
2018    Chronicles of Entanglement – Flagstaff Modern and Contemporary Gallery, Arizona.
1993     Anatomia Virtual 2 – IBM Gallery, Curitiba, Brazil.
1992     Anatomia Virtual 1 - Centro Cultural Candido Mendes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Group Exhibitions and Screenings
2018    MOCAF Grand Opening Group Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art Flagstaff, June.
2017    Assisi International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2017, Le Lodge Gallery, Assisi, Italy.
2015    Hollow Null. Why Self – Adventures of Social Identities. Venice Art House Gallery. Venice, Italy.
2014    Hollow Null. Venice Experimental Cinema and Performance Art Festival. Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, Italy.
2013    Hollow Null. BoderBody International Art Festival, Galeria sztuki Współczesnej MD_S, Wrocław, Poland.
2013    Hollow Null. BorderBody International Art Festival. MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico, Almeria, Spain.
2013    Nanodramas - Cachets d'identité. BleuOrange, Revue the Literature Hypermediatique, Montreal, Canada. .
2013    Nanodramas - Cachets d'identité. Digital Literature from Yesterday to Tomorrow Exhibition, Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris, France.
2013    Nanodramas - Cachets d'identité;. (French Interactive Version). Université du Quebec au Montreal: NT2 (Laboratoire de recherches sur les œuvres hypermédiatiques).
2013    Hollow Null. Hybrid Identities UK / Edinburgh International ArtExpo. The Old Ambulance Depot Gallery, Edinburgh, UK.
2013    Hollow Null Video Installation. ResExtenza Contemporary Art ExhibitIon / Lecce, Italy. Primo Piano Gallery.
2013    Hollow Null Video Installation. Viewpoints 2013, contemporary art exhibition at the Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art. Newark, New Jersey: Studio Montclair.
2012    Hollow Null - Animation. ID / Identities Istambul - International ArtExpo. Kosa Cultural Center, Istambul, Turkey.
2012     Projekt 30. December International Contemporary Art Exhibition. USA.
2012    6th Graphic Art Online Annual, online and hosted in the U.K.
2012    2nd iBiennial of Contemporary Art, Online, hosted in London.
2011    Media Art 3 Biennial Exhibition, online, and Germany. Honorable Award.
2010    Group exhibition at the Miyagi Museum of Art, Sendai, Japan.
2008    1st iBiennial of Contemporary Art at
2008    Feria Internacional de Arte Mar del Sur, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2007     Flagstaff Fantasticals: group exhibition in Northern Arizona University Art Museum, Flagstaff
2007    Energy Gallery Annual Salon 2007, Lennox Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2007     Divishow Top 30 International Competition, Exhibition, Cuautitlan Izcalli, Mexico
2006     Contained Art, Group Exhibition at Galerie Seï-Un-Do, Zurich, Switzerland
2006     Freestyle 2-3-d: Energy Gallery Online Exhibition, Toronto, Canada
2006     LACDA “Top 40” Competition Exhibition: Los Angeles Digital Art Center, USA
2006         MIAD: Muestra Internacional de Arte Digital – Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes Rosa Galisteo, Santa Fe, Argentina
2006     FILE 05: International Festival on Electronic Languages – Telemar Cultural Center – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2005     FILE 05: International Festival on Electronic Languages – SESI Cultural Center, São Paulo, Brazil.
2005     “Ciutat De Vinaros” International Prize on Digital Literature – Online Presence, Barcelona, Spain.
2004 New Museum Artbase. New York

04-05    [R][R][F] Remembering, Repressing, Forgetting – Interactive Group Exhibition, Exhibited:
•    24th Nuremberg International Short Films Festival, Germany, 2005
•    Public_space_festival, Yerewan, Armenia, 2005
•    West Coast Numusic & Electronic Arts Festival, Stavanger, Norway, 2005
•    Biennale of Electronic Art,  Perth, Australia, 2005
•    24th of Nuremberg International Short Films Festival, Germany, 2005
•    1st International Digital Art Exhibition - Orilla’04, Museum of Contemporary Art & Foro, Santa Fé, Argentina, 2004
•    FILE – Electronic Language Festival, São Paulo, Brazil, 2004
•    404 Electronic Art festival, Juan Castagnino Art Museum, Rosario, Argentina, 2004
•    National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharesti, Romania, 2004
•    Version>04 Festival, Chicago, USA, 2004
•    Basics Festival, Salzburg, Austria, 2004
•    Electronic Art Meeting, Pescara, Italy, 2004
•    VI Salon y Coloquio International de Arte Digital, Havanna, Cuba, 2004
•    The International Festival of New Film &New Media, Split, Croatia, 2004
00-01     Facial+: Multiple sonic performances in San Francisco and electronic music recordings, San Francisco
1998     Ethereal Sapiens: solo electronica music record, San Francisco.
95-98     Mars Virtual Exploration: Interactive CD-ROM, creative director. Created for NASA, exhibited at multiple aerospace education conferences.
1996    Nomads: Online Collective Exhibition at Leonardo Journal Online
Uneaten  Future, Sacred Bytes: interactive multimedia installation, shown at:
1998     Computer Art: Northern Arizona University Art Museum, Flagstaff
1997     Banco Nacional Virtual Reality Show: Centro Cultural Candido Mendes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1995     M.F.A. Show: School of the Art Institute of Chicago gallery, Chicago

Uneaten  Future: director and animator, 4 min. animated music video, screened:
1995     GNT TV, Brazil
1995     Canal +, France
1995     Siggraph 95: SIGRAPH Computer Animation Festival, Los Angeles
1995     ISEA 95: International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Montreal, Canada

Uneaten  Future, Sacred Bytes: author of the CD-ROM title shown at:
1995     ISEA95: International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Montreal, Canada
1995     Annon Salon, San Francisco
1995     MacWorld, Digital Be-in show, San Francisco
1995     Macromedia showcase, at Macromedia San Francisco
1994     Artists and Technology: group exhibition, Truman College, Chicago
1993     FISEA93: fifth international symposium on electronic art, digital art show, Minneapolis
1991      Randomics: director and producer, music video produced for MTV Brazil.
1991     Zimbabue: animator of the video, directed by Felipe Lacerda. Winner of the Atlantic Manchete Festival.
Logod: director and animator, 5 min. animated movie, exhibited at:
1994    Cyberfest 94 – Digital Arts Festival – Chicago
1991     TV Educativa, São Paulo, Brazil
1990     Riocine Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1990     WRO 90: Sound Basis Visual Arts Festival, Wroclaw, Poland
1990     AIVF, Australia International Video Festival, Australia
1990     ISEA 90: International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Holland
1990     Mensen en Plottoden Festival, Holland
1990     FestVideo 5: Video Festival, Gramado, Brazil
VideoCabines: video-installation directed by Sandra Kogut, animator. Exhibited:
1990     Lauro Alvim Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1990     Carioca Subway Station, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1990     Fotoptica VideoBrasil Festival, São Paulo, Brazil

1990     TAO: multimedia dance show, animator, Centro Empresarial Argentina, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1990     What do you think people think Brazil is?: animator of the video, directed by Sandra Kogut. Exhibited at:
•    Montbelliard Festival (France)
•    Winner of the Fotoptica Video Festival (Brazil)
•    Winner of the RioCine Festival (Brazil)
1990     3 Antena: animator of the video 3 Antena, Directed by R. Berliner (Brazil). Winner of the Fotoptica Video Festival.
1990    TAO: multimedia dance show, video art animator, Centro Empresarial Argentina, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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