Uneaten Future

Uneaten Future’s interactive mythology is presented through 8 3D environments, each has its own song and an identity within the whole: Acme Artificial UniverLife Corp. (the industry), Medialand (the media), Memory Cave (the unconscious), Digigod (religion), The Brainghosts (the duality), Labyrinth (the search), The Brain (the creation), Logod (the Creator). The navigable 3D environments, animation, music and text, coexist and interconnect themselves as the pieces of a metaphoric puzzle, so, the user is able to, gradually, form a mental image of my mythology. I like to see Uneaten as my psyche on bytes. And its navigation, the search for my crystallized unconsciousness. The mix of the music CD and virtual reality, the universes of myhtology and cartoon. Finally, the portable imaginary.

Uneaten Futre : Sacred Bytes

Interactive fictional mythology navigable in a CD-ROM, through eight 3D environments.
Digigod level.
"Toledo's CD-ROM blends a sophisticated non-linear immaterial architecture with highly personalized mythology. In the world created by the artist, cultural references are mixed; political, religious and economic forces are entangled. During navigation, the viewer reaches new levels. These can be seen as new spiritual levels or new steps in the corporate ladder. The commodification of life is exposed through interconnected spaces in which there is no redemption." (Eduardo Kac; Leonardo Journal 1996)
Memory Cave level.
Acme Univerlife Corporation level.
The Labyrinth level.
The Brain level.
Medialand level.
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